About Me


Photography has always been a passion of mine. Creating memories, moments in time, art – you name it.

All types of photography – family, weddings, boudoir, food, pets, portraits, etc. Every type is a memory that we hold dear and find important to capture.

I’m a small town farm girl; in my off time I work with my two horses and pamper my two cats. I have a niece that I adore and friends to play board games with.

Painting, sewing, organizing, makeup – just a few of my hobbies.

I’ve been published internationally with my creative photography work, including New York and Germany.

I’m an LOTR and grammar nerd.



Finding beauty in anything is what drives me, for example: a black water artistic nude shoot with dried roses and a beautiful woman as the centerpiece… my mind goes wild with the possibilities.

A big piece of homework these last few months has been discovering what I love to do, the art I enjoy making and the way I portray my clients through my photographs.

What am I good at?

Why am I good at it?

Does it have limitations? Why should the imagination and possibility for beauty and art have limitations?

Male and female clients and models alike should be able to enjoy a piece of art of themselves, show it to the world and be proud of it for more than what society is expecting… an inner peace and pride for what we have created together.

What can I say… I’m passionate…