Investments & Services

  • Weddings

  • $17000
    an hour
  • Covering your special day for an affordable price

    Every wedding is different, every wedding is customized to each couple!

    Providing you with choices and options in the editing process

    I fully retouch each photo - blemishes, skin, lighting, light tan lines, insects, acne, etc. I charge $35/hour and edit approximately 10 photos/hour. (see the Editing & Retouching page under Portfolio for examples of how I edit)

    If you would prefer no retouching and only a light edit on the photos I charge $5/photo

    Delivering quality product

    $0.65/km for mileage

    Prints and customized albums are extra

    Are you eloping? Contact me for information!

  • Portraits & Head Shots

  • $30000
    1 hour
  • 1 hour coverage

    Family (up to 8 people), couples, children, portraits/head shots for businesses, graduation, maternity, etc..

    15 photos fully retouched of your choice

    Location of your choice, $0.65/km mileage

    Two outfits to get the most out of your session

    Extra edits are $20 per photo

    Prints and customized albums are extra

  • Boudoir & Artistic Nude

  • $35000
    2 hours
  • The $350 fee is for the session, photos are extra

    Photos packages are available, starting at $400 - $1,900

    Up to 2 hours of shooting

    Outdoor or in home, studio up to $100 included

    Mileage to Edmonton included, $0.65/km mileage outside of 50km from Clyde

    Multiple outfits, whatever you would like to wear to feel the best you can be - or nothing (oooooh, haha)

    Access to the client closet is available as well.

    Prints and customized albums are extra

  • Fashion & Creatives

  • $50000
    4 hours
  • Your imagination is our creation!

    Creative minds coming together to make art is seriously a passion of mine.

    These creative shoots take a bit longer in the process as hair and makeup takes time to change between shots - but the pricing is the same as one hour of coverage.

    You receive 8 photos of your choosing to be retouched professionally.

    Multiple outfits/looks

    Potentially more than one location, if you prefer in studio costs vary.

    Mileage is $0.65/km

    Extra edits are $25/photo

    **This includes hair and makeup**

    Prints and customized albums are extra

  • Extended Family Photos

  • $45000
    2 hours
  • 2 hours of coverage

    8+ people

    30 photos retouched of your choice

    Location of your choice, $0.65/km for mileage

    Includes all families shot separate and a large group photo

    Shot list options are available

    Extra edited photos are $20/photo retouched

    Printing and customized albums are extra

  • Labor & Birth Documentation

  • $35000
    6 hours and up
  • Have your labor and birth journey documented. Low lighting and tears are a given.

    You would receive all of the best photos with a light edit on them and will have printing rights. This is not just for one hour of me being there it is for a potentially long labor and me shooting throughout. There may be times I am not shooting at all, but have already captured the shots in the room necessary until something may happen (baby comes) or changes occur.

    Ensure photos are OK with the hospital.

    Mileage is $0.65/km

    Parking and a meal will be covered by client

    Prints and customized albums are extra

  • Newborn

  • $45000
    2 hours
  • When you book a newborn session you receive a complimentary mini maternity session! (Indoor or outdoor, studio is extra)

    For your newborn session:

    Lifestyle (unposed & in-home) or In-Studio (extra) (unposed or posed) options are available

    Pets are welcome during lifestyle/in-home sessions

    Siblings are always welcome

    Please ensure to book within the first 14 days after birth for a posed session to ensure the best cooperation and flexibility of baby.

    Up to 2 hours of coverage

    10 retouched photos of your choice

    Extra photos are $20 per photo for retouching

    Location of your choice, $0.65/km for mileage

    Multiple outfits suggested but not provided

    Prints and customized albums are extra

  • Events (Birthday Parties, Reunions, excluding Weddings)

  • $16000
    an hour
  • Events (does not include weddings) such as a family reunion, a birthday party, general get together, etc (Must have 6+ people present), 2 hour *minimum*

    $160/hour for shooting which INCLUDES all of your best photos with a light edit on them (no retouching)

    Retouching is an optional service for $20/photo

    Location of your choice, mileage is $0.65/km

    Prints and customized albums are extra

  • Branding Sessions

  • $450
    1 hour
  • These sessions are for those who own their own business and need images for their website, blog, social media profiles and so on.

    These photos will represent your every day working lifestyle - the ins and outs of what you do and how you do it.

    We will shoot for up to 1 hour, shoot multiple outfits and up to 2 locations.

    You will receive every photo with a light edit from this session, cropped certain ways that social media platforms ask for.

    Whether you're a fitness instructor, eyelash technician, yoga instructor, personal assistant, wedding planner, etc - this is what you're looking for to show your clients who you are.

    Mileage is $0.65/km

  • Videography

  • $20000
    1 hour
  • The art through video is a story telling, visual creation.

    You'll receive a 1 minute teaser video as well as 1 minute video recap of your session.

    1-2 outfits

    This includes in your home or outside.

    Mileage is $0.65/km

    Additional hours are available to add onto the session.

    Videography can be a stand alone service or an add on to your photo session for the same fee.